Periodontal Therapy: Overcome Gum Disease with Deep Cleaning

Are you battling gum disease in Mt Vernon, New York? You aren’t alone because almost half of the American population has this periodontal condition. At a minimum, gum disease causes gum redness, swelling, and minor bleeding. However, when gum disease is left untreated, it can cause tooth loss and put you at risk of heart disease, respiratory problems, and pregnancy complications. 

You can find expert periodontal treatment from Elevation Dental Studio if you are battling gum disease. Dr. MitzAnn Edmond offers deep  cleaning and other treatments to overcome gum disease for a healthy mouth.

How gum disease forms

The primary cause of gum disease is plaque—a thin, colorless film of bacteria that constantly forms in the mouth as saliva, food debris, and bad bacteria interact. Plaque is easily removable with brushing and flossing, but if you observe poor oral hygiene, the plaque’s bacteria secrete toxins irritating your gums.

Over time, plaque calcifies into tartar, which invites more bacteria that attack the space between teeth and gums, causing periodontal pockets. When left untreated, periodontal disease causes gum recession and loose teeth that eventually fall out.

Gum disease treatment with deep teeth cleaning

If you suspect gum disease, you must see a dentist immediately for an evaluation. Should we diagnose you with gingivitis (the earliest form of gum disease), we’ll recommend good oral hygiene alongside standard cleanings to reverse the infection. 

However, if you have increased bacterial buildup, we’ll recommend deep teeth cleaning. This treatment is a two-stage procedure that aims to remove harmful bacteria and unwanted debris from your mouth.

The procedure begins with scaling to eliminate bad bacteria and calcified buildup from below and beneath the gum line. Root planing polishes the tooth roots to prevent future bacteria attacks and promote tissue reattachment.

What to expect during scaling and root planing (SRP)

Periodontal cleaning is a non-invasive gum disease treatment, often administered in more than one visit, depending on the extent of the infection. The dentist uses local anesthesia to eliminate discomfort during deep teeth cleaning. Then, we use special tools to clean the area above and below the gum line. After scaling, we smooth out the roots to promote healing.

After the procedure, you may experience mild bleeding, tenderness, and swelling. This discomfort lasts a few days, but we’ll give you medications and home remedies for a comfortable experience. 

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