Restore Your Oral Function and Esthetics with Oral Surgery Services

While many patients come to Elevation Dental Studio for general dentistry, Dr. MitzAnn Edmond and the team have the technology and skills to offer oral surgery services for optimal oral health. Oral surgery might sound scary, but not in our office. We use modern technology and light touch techniques to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. If you need oral surgery in Mount Vernon, New York, and surrounding areas, you can trust your smile to our professional team.

 Oral surgery services in our office

You may need oral surgery if you have very loose teeth, a severely decayed tooth, dental trauma, or missing teeth. Our office is well-equipped to offer the dental surgery services below.

  • Teeth extraction: General extractions are ideal for teeth that are visible and easily accessible in the mouth. However, if you have a tooth broken at or below the gum line level, you need a surgical extraction. The dentist performs a surgical extraction by incising the gum tissues and bone around the trapped tooth and usually splitting the tooth into fragments for easier removal. The final step is to close the surgical site with stitches to pave the way for healing.   
  • Dental implant: Although a dental implant involves a crown or denture for restoration, part of the implant procedure includes surgically inserting a titanium post in the bone. To perform this procedure, the dentist makes a small incision on the gums and bone to place a titanium post that acts as the natural tooth root. Once the implant heals after surgery, the dentist performs another minor procedure to attach a metal connector (abutment) to link the implant to the final restoration. 
  • Bone grafting: Have you been told you are ineligible for dental implantology because of severe bone loss? Don’t worry! Whether you have lost some bone to injury, gum disease, or tooth loss, we can replenish your lost bone tissue with bone grafting. Dr. Edmond performs this procedure by stitching a healthy graft on the area that is bone deficient. After a few months, the bone graft merges with the existing bone to form one healthy biological structure.  

Oral Surgery Services in Mt. Vernon, New York 

Ready for oral surgery in Mt. Vernon, NY? Please call (914) 259 8559 to schedule an appointment with Elevation Dental Studio to learn more about our oral surgery services. We have the experience, technology, and skills to provide the best results possible.