Start Your Child’s Oral Health Journey Off Right with Pediatric Dentistry

You already trust Elevation Dental Studio with your own teeth and gums. Do you know we take care of young smiles, too? Yes, we offer pediatric dental care services to help your little one achieve a healthy smile for life. Because we understand children’s smiles require special attention, Dr. MitzAnn Edmond and the team offer dental care services that kids love in a gentle, fun, and exciting manner. 

Convenient pediatric dental care in our office

You’ll find all the pediatric services you need from Dr. Edmond and other services you may not expect! Some of the pediatric dental services you can enjoy in our office include:

  • Routine dental exams: Like adults, your child should see a dentist at least twice annually to keep their oral health in tip-top condition. During oral exams, we inspect your child’s oral development and scan the mouth for signs of gum disease, decay, misalignment, etc. Oral exams allow us to treat oral issues before they escalate and become painful.
  • Dental cleanings: We offer gentle pediatric cleanings to remove built-in plaque and tartar, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Dental cleanings prevent oral infections, tooth decay, and bad breath and keep your teeth looking beautiful. 
  • Teeth sealants: While your child may brush and floss their teeth daily, sometimes they need the help of a dentist to prevent cavities. Our office offers dental sealants to seal out decay-causing bacteria and keep the teeth smooth for easy cleaning. 
  • Orthodontic screenings: Early identification of orthodontic issues allows for timely intervention to prevent the progression of problems. Interventions may include orthodontic appliances or changing habits to guide proper dental and jaw development.

Seeing your child smile is a highlight of your day, so you’d like to make their smile  as healthy as possible. Alongside at-home dental care, our office offers pediatric dental care services to help your child achieve a lifetime of good oral health.

Children’s dentistry near me 

Dr. Edmond and the team provide pediatric dental care  with a calm, friendly approach to create a positive dental experience. Are you looking for a children’s  dentist in Mt Vernon, New York? Please call (914) 252-3238 to schedule an appointment with Elevation Dental Studio. We can’t wait to welcome the youngest members of your family to our office!