Precision bone grafting to achieve better oral health and esthetics

Bone grafting in Mt. Vernon, New York, is a transformative dental procedure that addresses numerous oral issues for those willing to revamp their smile and overall health. Bone grafting at Elevation Dental Studio adds or replaces lost bone, usually after tooth loss, injury, or gum disease. When Dr. MitzAnn Edmond adds a healthy graft to the area that has insufficient density and volume, the procedure supports bone growth in that specific area.

What is bone grafting?

A bone graft procedure is a treatment that involves implanting new bone into an area with insufficient density. The cells of the new bone fuse with the existing bone to kickstart the mending process.

Dental grafts can come from various sources. The doctor can harvest a bone graft from your body (autograft), particularly from the rib or hip. Your dental graft can also come from synthetic materials (alloplast), human donors (allograft), or animal tissue banks (xenograft). Our doctor will discuss the various dental grafts to determine the best option for your oral needs. 

What to expect from the dental grafting procedure

You may need a dental graft if you have experienced bone loss after tooth extractions, advanced gum disease, or dental trauma. Sometimes, continued use of dentures and congenital conditions can result in bone loss. Bone grafting replenishes your aesthetics, oral health, and confidence. 

The process of bone grafting starts with an initial consultation to establish the condition of your jawbone using imaging technology like x-rays. If you need a bone graft, we’ll discuss the various dental graft options and choose the one that meets your specific needs.

Next, the dentist performs minor surgery by incising the gums to reveal the underlying bone. We’ll place the dental graft in the area that needs stabilization and leave the bone graft for a few months to integrate with the existing bone through osseointegration.

When placing a dental graft in the upper jaw (maxilla), the dentist may perform a sinus lift, also known as sinus augmentation. This surgical procedure involves lifting the sinus membrane upward and placing bone graft material into the space created beneath it to promote bone formation.

After healing and fusion, your new bone becomes fuller and more stabilized to improve your esthetics and oral health and support restorations like dental implants. 

Bone grafting services near me

It’s essential to remember that the need for a bone graft is determined case by case. If you want to find out whether you need a bone graft in Mt. Vernon, NY, call (914) 252-3238 to talk to the team at Elevation Dental Studio.