Experience the Comfort, Speed, and Efficiency of a 3D iTero Scanner

Elevation Dental Studio uses the latest technology to help patients achieve comfortable, fast, and precise dentistry. Dr. MitzAnn Edmond is well-experienced in modern dentistry. She offers a 3D iTero scanner for improved diagnostics and treatments, among other dental technologies. 

Want to see what an iTero intraoral scanner can do for your smile? Please schedule an appointment with our Mt. Vernon, New York office to experience the benefits of this advanced technology.

What is a 3D iTero Scanner?

It’s a piece of technology that captures thousands of images of your mouth and then assembles them to create a detailed and accurate 3D image of your teeth, gums, and other oral structures. A 3D rendering of your mouth allows the dentist to view every aspect of your dentition and meticulously plan every step of your treatment. 

Although digital impressions have been around since the 1980s, they have undergone significant advancements to create superior scanners. Modern digital scanners use a small handheld wand to take thousands of images of your mouth using low-radiation lasers. 

The dentist moves the comfortable wand around the mouth to capture an entire scan of your mouth. As the dentist scans your mouth, a 3D model of your mouth gradually displays on a screen to help visualize your smile in real-time. 

Benefits of a 3D iTero scanner

An intraoral 3D scanner is designed to support optimal workflow with the Invisalign® system and other procedures. These are the many benefits of the iTero scanning technology.

  • Comfort: Traditionally, dentists used to take bite impressions by asking patients to bite into a tray of gooey material. Now, you only need to open your mouth and let a small, comfortable wand do the work. iTero dental scanning is easy and comfortable.
  • Speed: 3D scanning, which produces highly detailed and precise images, may appear to be a time-consuming process. However, it takes much less time than you might think! The entire scanning process takes about 10 minutes, leading to faster appointment times. 
  • Better results: Digital scanning creates detailed and accurate images, resulting in superior restorations.
  • Transparency: An iTero 3D scanner reveals the expected results even before starting the actual treatment. This way, you have a hint of the outcome before you commit to treatment.

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