Restore Damaged Teeth with Conservative and Tooth-like Composite Dental Fillings 

Do you find dental cavities bothersome? Unfortunately, cavities are dental problems that many of us deal with at some point. Good news! Treating cavities is straightforward, especially when spotted early. 

Elevation Dental Studio in Mount Vernon, New York, uses tooth-colored material to treat cavities without ruining your smile’s esthetics. Composite fillings placed by Dr. MitzAnn Edmond and the team are visually appealing, so there is no need to be self-conscious about your smile—your cavities and restoration won’t be visible when you open your mouth.  

How are composite fillings placed?

Treating cavities with composite fillings is one of the most common procedures in our office, usually completed in one appointment. The process is also painless because we use local anesthetics to numb your mouth. 

The procedure starts with assessing the tooth to ensure a filling is enough to correct the damage. If the tooth damage or decay is too pronounced, you may need a crown or root canal for optimal restoration. 

Before placing a filling, we’ll remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth and clean the area to remove all traces of harmful bacteria. Depending on the depth of the cavity, we may fill the tooth in layers, each layer hardened with a special curing light. 

Next, we’ll sculpt and reshape your tooth to ensure your bite is natural and comfortable. The final step is to polish your tooth for a natural-looking finish. Your filling can last many years with proper maintenance. However, should you notice signs of wear and tear in your restoration, talk to your dentist for repair to keep protecting the tooth underneath.

Benefits of composite fillings

Our office doesn’t restore your smile with  just any material — we only use dental materials that are safe and natural-looking. While amalgam fillings are cheap and easy to place, we use composite fillings to treat cavities for the reasons below.

  • Esthetics: White fillings are colored like natural teeth to create an esthetically appealing outcome. 
  • Safety: Silver-colored fillings are created with several metal alloys bound together by mercury. Although the mercury content used in amalgam fillings is small, it can leak into your body and create problems. Composite fillings used in our office don’t have any safety concerns.
  • Conservative: Placing white fillings involves removing a small portion of the tooth, leaving much of the healthy structure intact.

Say goodbye to cavities today!

Are you losing the battle to cavities? We won’t let that happen! Call (914) 259 8559 to schedule an appointment with Elevation Dental Studio for composite fillings.